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It all started in Medan Kidd, Ipoh back in 1993. Medan Kidd used to be a hang out place for the early indie, punk and hardcore kids in Ipoh. Then, Meor and several friends decided to form an independent label called MKS Distro a.k.a Medan Kidd Slackers. Among the products that MKS Distro has released was Kopi SeChewen compilation volume 1, Mucks 1st demo Blastosit and Brush Moistened's E.P "Good Riding Cat" (Mudhoney oriented band). MKS crew also actively organizied gigs and jamming session around that period, which was from 1994 - 1996.
In 1997, Meor, Ducktoi and the other members of Muck opened a studio for bands to rehearse and changed the name from MKS Distro to Bodysurf Music. From there, Bodysurf Music slowly became an independent music label and have organized music festivals, small gigs, acoustic shows, tours, art nights, producing bands, recording, t-shirt printing and stickers, to name a few. Bodysurf also has our own special music events called "March Mosh Fest", "Kopi SeChewen Party" and "Indie All Out" that are held almost every year. Bodysurf has also released Kopi SeChewen compilation volume 2 & 3, Bloodymarys E.P Why Too Care..??!!, Mucks split E.P with lo-fi folk band from U.K called Things in Herds and other stuff.

After all these years, Bodysurf Music is still around and active organizing shows, releasing materials (E.P/compilation/t-shirt/sticker etc.) and is still very much involved with many events. We're looking forward to work with anyone interested in collaborating with us.If you're in Ipoh, around Perak or anywhere else in Malaysia and you have some free time, please do come by to our studio located in Wallercourt, Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan.

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  1. hahahahaha...
    tahniah wat meet my uncle husin...
    coz menang juara lagu tahun nie...
    support our local band...


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